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Mood is a non-alchoholic malt beverage, without sugar with its unique flavour of taste and wonderful savou, extracted from natural fruit filled in glass bottles of remarkable design and astonishing colour.


Brand: Mood
Product: Malt Beverage
Origin: Jordan

Al-Shahd Food Industries was founded in 2005 for the processing of different juices, soft drinks and barley non-alcoholic drink by Hijazi and Ghosheh group of companies, which is one of the largest and most famous groups in the world.

Brand Item Description Packing in Carton
Mood Apple  24 x 330ml
Mood Strawberry 24 x 330ml
Mood Raspberry 24 x 330ml
Mood Pineapple 24 x 330ml
Mood Blueberry 24 x 330ml
Mood Peach 24 x 330ml
Mood Cherry 24 x 330ml
Mood Regular 24 x 330ml