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B-29 Detergent Powder with active ingredient enzyme cellulose protects the colour of clothes. Makes the colour of clothes as bright as its genuine colours. With fresh lime scent, it keeps the clothes smelled fragrant for a long time and without smelled musty. Effective in removing dirt, microbe and stain to laundry perfectly. It is not feel hot when wash handed, so your hands keep soft. It can be used to wash with top loading washing machine




Brand: B29
Product: Detergents and Washing Powder
Origin: Indonesia

Brand Item Description Packaging
B29 Fruity Powder 10 x 900g
B29 Washing Powder 10 x 800g
B29 Scouring Powder 12 x 650g
B29 Powder Water Guard 10 x 900g
B29 Powder + Softener 10 x 900g
B29 Fabric Freshener Liquid 12 x 900ml